Ventura’s Greenhouse – Margate, NJ

by PizzaSnobo on September 4, 2011

106 S Benson Ave.
Margate City, NJ 08402
(609) 822-0140

Ventura’s Greenhouse is a casual cash-only bar/restaurant in Margate, NJ, right next to Lucy the Elephant. There is a good deal of outdoor space at Greenhouse, plus an ocean view and a full bar. On the down side, you are subjected to bands like Quiet Riot (“Cum On Feel the Noize”), Bon Jovi and “newer” Aerosmith.

Part of what Ventura’s Greenhouse is known for is pizza. They have plenty of topping choices, but it was the regular pie ($13.50) we tried as usual. Unfortunately, this 16 inch pie didn’t stack up. It was average bar pizza. The best frozen you’ll find. The crust was thin and probably the best part, thanks to its sweetness. Still, the crunch was mainly around the edges. The mozzarella was pleasant enough, but the sauce was disappointing – flat and not enough of it. We wanted more from Greenhouse, but at least we were able to see the ocean.

Most of our meal at Greenhouse was a disappointment. That’s not to say the staff wasn’t friendly and attentive, because they were. It’s what’s going on in the kitchen that could use an overhaul. But considering how crowded Greenhouse tends to get during the summer months, we expect they will leave well enough alone and continue to allow mediocrity to rule.

PizzaSnobo Pizza Restaurant Review Grading 3.5 slices

Department of Health Restaurant Grade Guideline


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