Totonno’s Pizza Napolitano – Brooklyn & NYC, NY

by PizzaSnobo on February 11, 2011

Coney Island, Multiple Manhattan, Yonkers

Totonno’s started in Coney Island back in 1924 and is still family run. The history here is unique and the coal fired brick oven is certainly seasoned by now. The small pie ($16.50) in Coney Island is a bit larger than at its Manhattan outposts and is even a buck cheaper. Going to the original is always a good experience, especially if you need to get your car repaired at any of its neighbors on the block, but the pies in Manhattan are just as good.

The dough is very good but the cheese might be most memorable. Totonno’s uses handmade mozzarella and you can practically taste the added romano even before your first bite. The thin crust is browned throughout and is nice and chewy. There is a good amount of sweet sauce that covers the cheese in spots.

Totonno’s likes to reference that only god makes better pizza, but only if they believe in many gods. They also need to get their Health Department inspections in order. Their two Manhattan locations get an A and B, but their famous Coney Island location is well into C territory. Better grab some soap and water before the summer starts!

PizzaSnobo grading pie 5.5 slices

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