The Original Tacconelli’s – Philadelphia, PA

by PizzaSnobo on December 13, 2010

2604 E. Somerset Street
Philadelphia, PA 19134

Tacconelli’s is considered one of the classic pizzerias, on par with other famous joints on the East Coast. Located in the Port Richmond neighborhood of Philadelphia, Tacconelli’s is known as having the best pizza in the city. And it probably does. But be sure to order your pie in advance. If you don’t, it’s very likely you won’t be served. (Their website suggests otherwise and they should strengthen the warning.) Also note they are closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Choose from the white pie, the tomato pie (i.e. no cheese), and a regular pie (with or without bufala). We had the bufala version ($18). This pizza is for lovers of sweet tomato sauce. In fact, the pizza is drowning in it. There is very little cheese, too little for our taste, but that’s the way they make it. The bufala was soft and smooth, good but not fantastic. The crust is very thin and cracks when you bend it, so an entire pie can be eaten by two people. We liked the small pieces of basil baked in and the toppings were all fresh, though pretty standard.

There are no salads or pasta at Tacconelli’s, only pizza. And like so many places in Philly, BYOB is allowed.

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