San Marzano Brick Oven Pizzeria – New York, NY

by PizzaSnobo on October 22, 2010

71 Clinton Street
New York, NY  10002

With a location in the Lower East Side, as well as in Merrick, Long Island, San Marzano is a nice, comfortable place that is a great addition to the neighborhood. The wood and brick décor could just as easily double as a Japanese restaurant, though most sushi joints don’t have playlists that include Chubby Checker and Bob Dylan.

The pies ($11 for 10 inches) are a nice addition to the explosion of pizza restaurants in New York City. While they might not pass a true Naples D.O.C. test, the pizza is certainly good enough and the ingredients are undoubtedly fresh, right down to bowl of grated parmesan cheese placed on the table. The dough was a hybrid of a regular slice and your typical gourmet pie. The crust is soft and unfortunately too floppy and too chewy. It was also left in the oven just a little too long as the bottom of the pies were more blackened than we’d like. The cheese covered the whole pie and had a pull to it, which also made us think of a traditional NY Style slice. The sauce could have been more powerful and we would have liked to see it take over the pie a little more than it did. Still,  the pizza comes together well and the specialty pies like the Bianca, and the appetizers are worth a try.

We also like that the beer mugs came out chilled.

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