Pizza Positano – Paris, France

by PizzaSnobo on October 31, 2010

15 rue des Canettes (VIe)
Paris, France
33 1 43 26 01 62

The French love their pizza so much they consume more of it than any other country other than the United States. And at Positano, both locals and tourists keep this place crowded.

Pizza Positano is a small, winning place in the popular St-Germain-des-Prés, a neighborhood that is teaming with shops, restaurants, galleries and nightlife. Of all the pizzerias we’ve tried, Positano came closest to Naples DOC style that has popped up all over NYC. This is mostly due to Positano’s crust being fluffier, softer and not as soggy as most of their Parisian competitors. The cheese is not piled on too high and it’s about the same quality you’ll find in any good U.S. pizza place. But Positano also browns the mozzarella on top to give it extra flavor. We would have liked about twice as much sauce, which was light and not too sweet. Toppings are simple and fresh, though not that inventive, but we love the hot oil – even if there does seem to be one bottle for the whole restaurant. Along with pizzas, Positano offers a variety of comforting pasta dishes. The restaurant is small and you might have to wait a few minutes, but it’s a fine place for a date or a quick bite in a great neighborhood. (Closed on Sundays.)

The window of opportunity for eating pizza in Paris is limited. Most restaurants open around 12:00 or 12:30 and stay open through lunch, which can end as early as 2:00. Then they close until dinner, which starts at 7:00 or 7:30, depending on the place. We suggest you call ahead to make sure the restaurant is still in business or hasn’t moved locations.

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