Pizza No. 17 – Washington, DC

by PizzaSnobo on June 15, 2011

1523 17th St NW
Washington, DC 20036

Pizza No. 17 is the newest addition to the strip of restaurants along 17th Street in Dupont Circle. The interior is small, but in the warm weather the patio is full. Tables are long, so you may be sitting next to someone you don’t know. Some will like the community touch. Others will wish for more intimacy – yes, even at a pizzeria.

The pizza at No. 17 falls loosely into the Neapolitan variety, with more than a dash of Pizza Paradiso ladled in. Both the crust and the decision to use chopped tomatoes instead of sauce made us think of Paradiso. The crust was probably our favorite part of the Margherita pie ($9.95), though it came out a bit overcooked and was a little tough to chew by the end. The cheese was milky with a slightly smoked flavor, though it too leaned to the tougher side. The baked pepperoni, arugula salad and other items are also worth trying.

We’re glad to see a mini-burst of pizzerias opening in DC. Keep them coming!

Department of Health Restaurant Grade Guideline

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