Pizza Chic – Paris, France

by PizzaSnobo on October 24, 2010

13 rue de Mesieres (VIe)
Paris, France
33 1 45 48 30 38

Easily the most expensive of the pizza restaurants we went to, Pizza Chic is also one of the most popular and best in the city.

Located near Pizza Positano and the lovely Luxembourg park (Jardin du Luxembourg), Pizza Chic’s margherita pies (14,00 €) had a thick layer of cheese that slid off too easily and was not bufala di mozzarella, though for the price it should be. The crust was the best part, which was light and soft. The sauce on the other hand could use more work as it was a little too pasty-thick and the roasted flavor wasn’t quite right. A nice added touch was a sprinkle of olive oil over the top of each pie. Other items on the menu looked beautiful, like the caprese salad that was bursting with colorful heirloom tomatoes.

Overall, the pizza didn’t quite come together the way we wanted, but we would definitely come back.

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