Patsy’s Pizza – NYC, multiple locations

by PizzaSnobo on October 22, 2010

Multiple Locations

Patsy’s Pizza, not to be confused with Pasty Grimaldi’s, has locations throughout Manhattan. There are no Patsy’s in Brooklyn. Patsy’s is more of a restaurant than a pizzeria and the pizza could be considered semi-gourmet. Certainly it has been a solid standby restaurant, both among New Yorkers and tourists, for many years. Yet as
Patsy’s expanded they seem to have lost a step when it comes to maintaining the high quality and level of love they once had.

The smallest pie is 14 inches for $15. Individual slices are not served. Patsy’s pizza is thin but not crispy with dough that is sweet and sometimes a little tough to chew. The cheese is sliced nice and thin and much of it is covered in a smooth, tart sauce, giving a Patsy’s pie a distinctive look. We’d like to see just a little more sauce on these pies. There are also big basil leaves spread on top of the pies, as if there wasn’t time to cut them up.

But as long as the vegetables are washed, we’ll keep coming back.

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