Matchbox – Vintage Pizza Bistro – Washington, DC

by PizzaSnobo on September 22, 2010

Multiple locations, Washington DC                                                                                   

A friend of PizzaSnobo from Brooklyn who has lived in Washington DC for nine years said that “mediocrity rules” when it comes to DC restaurants. It’s an observation we have noticed as well. While Matchbox might be thought of as tops in DC, compared to the really great pizza restaurants it’s nothing special. With two locations on H Street in Chinatown and 8th Street SE in Capital Hill, there’s always a wait. To help keep things organized, you’re given one of those buzzers to hold onto like at Cheesecake Factory and other mass-scale dining experiences.

Matchbox uses a wood oven and pies come in two sizes: 10 inch ($11) and 14 inch ($17). There are plenty of interesting and tasty additions worth adding, like spicy meatballs, oven dried tomatoes, or roasted red peppers. The sauce has a kick to it, reminiscent of Two Boots in New York, as well as Alberto’s in DC. The dough at Matchbox is very soft. Even with the cheese browned on top, there’s almost no crunch at all to this pizza. The crust can get a little toasted at the edges, but otherwise the pizza is soft through and through. All things considered, the margherita pizza does not come together to approach any type of nirvana.

Still, it’s worth a trip, though you should expect to wait. Matchbox also has bar space, but it gets crowded quickly.

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