Luzzo’s – New York, NY

by PizzaSnobo on October 24, 2010

211 First Avenue
New York, NY  10003

The East Village could almost be called the Pizza District in New York City. With locations like Artichoke, South Brooklyn Pizza, Veloce and the fabulous Motorino right around the corner, Luzzo’s has a lot of competition. The rustic setting and coal oven pizza at Luzzo’s is loved by many and the Italian music videos playing are fun to watch, but they have to stay sharp and not rest on their laurels.

At $17 for a 12 inch bufala margherita pie, Luzzo’s is about the most expensive place we have been to. The texture is crispier than most of its wood burning competitors, with a tasty crust that is more toasted than puffy. The sauce was tart and the bufala cheese wasn’t anything fantastic. Like other specialty pizzerias, there are some interesting ingredients to choose from, such as truffle pate and prosciutto. Overall, it’s certainly worth trying, especially for fans of crispy pizzas.

Luzzo’s is one of the better places, but no longer is it the best. On a happy note, the free wine they poured made us forget that our waiter was on the phone the entire time we were eating.

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