Lombardi’s Pizza – New York, NY

by PizzaSnobo on October 18, 2010

32 Spring St
New York, NY 10012

Everyone knows about Lombardi’s, especially the tourists. Lines start at 11am at this Soho/Nolita stalwart and don’t stop until closing. Sure the pizza is good, but we can’t help thinking of a restaurant in a suburban mall – lots of families and lots of waiting.

Lombardi’s pizza is cooked in a coal oven. The smallest pie ($17.50) is 14” and feeds two. The cheese is sliced thin and tends to slip off the pizza, but the sauce is smooth with a great texture and the tomatoes seem to come straight from the vine. The crust is thin and soft with a nice sourdough flavor. We found the crust a little dry and tough to chew, but it didn’t stop us from coming back for more. The pizza is fairly simple, giving it a little more of a massed produced result than we hoped, even if they have been in business for a hundred years.

Some very good news is that Lombari’s not only delivers, but they have a wide range and will go all the way up to 14th Street. If you are already in the neighborhood and want to eat with the locals, consider trying Emporio or L’asso instead.

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