Kestė Pizza and Vino – New York, NY

by PizzaSnobo on October 22, 2010

271 Bleecker Street
New York, NY  10014

Kestė means “this is it” and we agree! Located in the West Village, Kestė is easy to find. Just look for the line of tourists at John’s Pizza, then look across Bleecker Street where local New Yorkers are waiting for a table at Kestė. As a general rule, PizzaSnobo likes to trust the locals and with Kestė, this is certainly the case. Straight out of Naples, Kestė’s pizza is what your parents meant when they came home from a trip to Italy and said that “pizza in Italy is not the same as in the United States.” With its friendly, knowledgeable service, cozy atmosphere, great pizza and nice wine selection, Kestė gets everything right.

The margherita pies ($12) are delicious. From the milky, chewy cheese, generously spread throughout, to the soft, pungent crust that has a sourdough flavor, Kestė serves some of the best pizza in the country. The hand-shaped crust has just the right amount of char and is a bit soupy in the center, which is common and even preferred by some when it comes to this style of pizza. The sauce is fresh and simple, though we wish it had a little more umph. Additionally, the specialty pies with ingredients like butternut squash and truffle spread make it worth coming back to Kestė again and again.

These Neapolitan pizzas are so good they should teach a professional level class on how to make them. And in fact they do!

Department of Health Restaurant rating A

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