John’s – multiple locations

by PizzaSnobo on September 22, 2010

Multiple Locations

The line of tourists waiting to eat at John’s of Bleecker Street – between Sixth and Seventh Avenues – starts late in the afternoon and goes into the night. John’s has expanded to other neighborhoods, including their spacious Times Square locale, which used to be a church and is worth stopping by just to take in the murals and to look up at the ceiling. But this is not a place most locals bother with. The service is friendly and we won’t even hold it against them that John’s was playing music from bands like The Cure and Weezer the day the PizzaSnobo came for lunch.

John’s is proud of their “no slices” signage. Their pies come in standard NY Style sizes, six slices for the medium ($12) and eight slices for the large ($14), both of which are a good deal. Toppings are also standard, with items like pepperoni, anchovies, black olives and sausage. Due to the long lines and high turnover, you know the food is fresh. The cheese is milky smooth and the sauce is rich and tangy, though there is not nearly enough of it. The thin crust was softer than expected, and some sections were charred too much. Overall, the pizza was too dry and not flavorful enough.

Note that directly across from the Bleecker Street location is Kestė a truly excellent pizzeria, which has local New Yorkers waiting on line, rather than tourists.

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