J.J. Dolan’s – Honolulu, HI

by PizzaSnobo on June 13, 2011

1147  Bethel St
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 537-4992

With the tag line “an Irish Pub with New York pizza from two guys in Chinatown,” we knew we were in for a treat. It’s evident that the pizza maker has some mainland roots, apparently from Jersey, while the other owner hails from Kauai. It is the perfect marriage of the Garden State and Garden Island. Welcome to Honolulu!

The “Classic Cheese Pie” ($15) is the most authentic NY style we have found in the Aloha state, being closer to the quality and style of John’s or Lombardi’s rather than your typical corner slice joint. J.J. Dolan’s also happens to be a great Irish pub where the TVs are playing sports, including the Lord Stanley’s Cup Finals while we were there. This is more than paradise – it feels like Heaven! Their crust also made us feel like we were back east and should define what “thin crust” means for other Hawaiian pizzerias. The crust is perfectly browned, crisp and the water they use for the dough is fine by us. The blended cheeses have a nice sharpness, though it was a little oily. The sauce is good and on the sweet side, though arguably there’s not enough of it.

The service can be a little slow, even during our nonpeak hours. Purists can order the Classic Pie, or go for the white pie for you Jersey Shore fans!

Department of Health Restaurant Grade Guideline

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