Grimaldi’s – multiple locations

by PizzaSnobo on October 24, 2010

Multiple locations

Everyone’s heard of Grimaldi’s. While they have expanded to multiple locations, including Las Vegas, it is the location near the Brooklyn Bridge – which opens at 11:30 a.m. weekdays and noon on weekends – that is the first and most famous. The satellite locations are just shadows of the original. In fact, the original is a shadow of itself considering the founder, Patsy Grimaldi sold the restaurant in 2000. More recently, Grimaldi’s has been in the news due to lease issues with the landlord. For now, the travel guides don’t need to update anything and the lines start early and go right through dinner. But keep in mind that Grimaldi’s is generally not a restaurant local New Yorkers bother with (most locals can be found at the nearby Fascati). In fact, the day we went, the PizzaSnobo was probably the only person on line who was not a tourist.

The interior of Grimaldi’s is bright and open, but this is not a place to go to expect good service. We were the second group to sit down at lunch, but it still took ten minutes for someone to take our order. And when we asked for more water, the waiter made a face and never returned. The music selection was a bit odd as well. Granted that as the restaurant fills the music is drowned out, but while we were eating they played an entire CD by the Cure. Apparently, Grimaldi’s can’t even be bothered to create a playlist (AKA “mix tape”) for their customers.

But what about the pizza? It’s definitely better than most, so it is worth coming here at least once to know what the hype is about. Grimaldi’s is proud of their “coal burning brick oven” and the price for the pies – six slices for $12 and eight slices for $14 – is quite reasonable and happens to cost the same as another popular tourist destination, John’s Pizzeria. The pizza is relatively thin with soft crust, which can come a little too burned on the bottom. The up-market mozzarella is sliced into nice thin circles and the sauce-to-cheese ratio is almost perfect. There just needs to be a little more sauce, which was unfortunately on the watery side. Toppings are of the standard pizza pizzeria fare and they also serve a giant calzone that is longer than a football.

Unless you are getting a whole pie to go, don’t bother bringing individual slices home. Grimaldi’s will just pile one slice on top of the other, which ruins the pizza when you unwrap it later.

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