Circa at Dupont – Washington, DC

by PizzaSnobo on July 1, 2011

Circa at Dupont – Washington, DC Metro Area
1601 Connecticut Avenue, NW
2221 I Street, NW
3010 Clarendon Blvd., Arlington

The two best things about Circa’s Dupont Circle location is that it’s close to the metro stop, and that they have outdoor seating. It’s a popular place with tourists and locals alike. Does that mean that everyone who lives in DC is a tourist? Sometimes you would think so. PizzaSnobo uses the term, “DC Good” or “DC OK” to describe the level of food here compared to New York City. A “DC Good” would be considered “just okay” to New Yorkers and most foodies. Circa is “DC Good.”

Circa has a varied menu and to be fair, they are not trying to do only pizza. On a good day they will bake parmesan cheese into the lip of the crust. The cheese tends to the thicker side with only a minimal amount of thin sauce used. The crust is soft and probably the best part, but overall, the pizza doesn’t mesh together well.

Circa also has a pretty good, albeit crowded bar scene. But if it’s pizza you are really in the mood for, think about going to Paradiso instead (if you are willing to wait), or Sette (if you want to sit right away).

PizzaSnobo Pizza Restaurant Review Grading 3.5 slices

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