Casa Nonna – Washington, DC

by PizzaSnobo on March 28, 2011

1250 Connecticut Ave
Washington D.C., DC 20036-2603
(202) 629-2505

The Washington DC restaurant scene sometimes reminds us of London: oodles of mediocre spots mixed with bunch of horrible choices and a dash of upscale locations. Yet overall, both cities are better restaurant towns than they used to be. We hoped Casa Nonna would be something a little different; delicious food for reasonable prices. Unfortunately, this sleek Italian eatery failed to deliver the level of pizza we were hoping for.

With roots in the BLT chain, the personal pizzas at Nonna ($13 for the Margherita) get all the ingredients right, but the final result does not transcend the sum of its parts. The style is Neapolitan but with a crispy crust that is more like a charred version of Luzzo’s rather than the puffiness of a Motorino. Nonna uses bufala as well, however the night we ate there the cheese was tough and didn’t have the richness it should have. The sauce is probably the best part of the pie, more tart than sweet, but even that did not wow. The scattered basil did not add anything either. On the positive side, Nonna uses top quality ingredients and toppings like zucchini flowers, fried egg, and some very tasty meatballs.

Nonna is better than most DC spots and it is a fine place to go to order off the full Italian menu, to sit at the pizza counter, or to mingle at the large bar. The décor  has captured a bit of the NYC vibe. Now they just need to go more wild with the flavors.

Department of Health Restaurant Grade Guideline


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