Besta Pizza – Multiple Locations

by PizzaSnobo on June 20, 2011

We tried out the Besta on Connecticut Avenue in Chevy Chase, just a few doors from Comet Ping Pong and the fabulous Politics & Prose Bookstore. (May you never close!) There is nowhere to sit at Besta, so you’re pretty much forced to take your food somewhere else, or have it delivered. Bottom line is, don’t bother with either.

Besta does not do slices, offering instead a personal pie ($6.25) as the smallest option. The pizza is more like a grilled cheese than pizza. There is almost no sauce, but the funny thing is they charge you for sauce if you want it. Hey Besta guys, pizza is supposed to come with sauce already! There was plenty of cheese – too much – and the pizza was a little too oily. It was also too doughy.

There is also a location in Bethesda. Overall, Besta is about the same as eating frozen pizza.

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