Au Bouquet Saint Paul – Paris, France

by PizzaSnobo on October 24, 2010

85 Rue Saint-Antoine (IV)
Paris, France
33 1 42 78 55 03

There are pizzerias all over Paris. It’s even served at certain cafés, especially those that cater to tourists. Au Bouquet is one such place, but unfortunately, while it might be a fine place to go for a drink, or some high quality Berthillon ice cream, when it’s time take a break from shopping don’t expect much from the pizza (9,50€).

The sauce is the best part, laid on thick and rich and had a strong flavor of oregano. The crust on the other hand was more like pastry dough. Not necessarily a bad thing, but when it tastes pre-made, suddenly it’s not so appealing. The cheese was too gummy and didn’t have much flavor, and Au Bouquet’s margherita pies came with black olives on top. It hits the spot, but better to stick to the desserts and drinks.

Because Au Bouquet Saint Paul is so well situated and can be categorized as a bar/coffee shop that also happens to serve pizza, it has much better hours of operation compared to other pizzerias in the city.

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