American Flatbread – multiple locations

by PizzaSnobo on December 10, 2010

multiple locations

American Flatbread has locations in Virginia, Oregon and Vermont, where it began. The franchise drew our attention because of strong reviews in Zagat’s 2010 survey of Washington, DC. American Flatbread received a sky-high 25 points in the Food category. That’s scary high. We were of course skeptical on our drive into Virginia and we essentially got what we expected. American Flatbread might serve decent pizza, but it is far from excellent.

The oblong pie ($14.99 for 16 inches) is made in a wood burning oven and contains all natural ingredients from local farms. A single pie is usually enough for two people. The pies are cut into rectangles, but this pizza should not be confused with Sicilian. The dough is thin and soft, even too chewy with no crunch. Our pie was also too oily. The sauce was light and while it added a nice texture, it didn’t do much for our taste buds. There is a light layer of cheese – a blend of three cheeses actually – which were fine but not gourmet, with plenty of interesting toppings like nitrate-free pepperoni, kale, feta and house-seasoned sun dried tomatoes to choose from.

We like the special ingredients and organic wheat, but the plain pie at American Flatbread reminded us of the best frozen pizza we ever had.

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