We, The Pizza – Washington, DC

by PizzaSnobo on December 1, 2010

305 Pennsylvania Ave SE
Washington, DC 20003
(202) 544-4008

We, the Pizza. Catchy, patriotic name. Check. Location close enough for members of Congress to have lunch there. Check. Chef from a reality television show. Check. Great press coverage. Check. Buzzer to let you know when your slice is ready. Check. Lots of salt. Check. Mediocrity disguised as excellence. Check. Washington DC, we have liftoff!

Our first thought upon biting into a We, the Pizza slice ($3.33 – the price alone indicates a newbie has entered the slice business) is that it looks better than it tastes. Also, that it is more expensive than it should be. This was a plain slice mind you, as are all pizzas reviewed at PizzaSnobo, because that’s the democratic way. At We, The Pizza the crust is the best part; light and airy with a nice crunch. But there was very little sauce and the cheese didn’t do anything for us that hundreds of pizzerias haven’t done before. And there was too much salt in our batch.

We suggest ordering a beer and the specialty slices. That’s where the fun is at We, the Pizza. Only trouble is, all those fresh, quality toppings are put on top of a foundation that is nothing spectacular.

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