The Italian Store – Arlington, VA

by PizzaSnobo on June 22, 2011

3123 Lee Hwy
Arlington, Virginia 22201
(703) 528-6266

Located in a small shopping center in Arlington, The Italian Market is known throughout the DC Metro area for their pizza, heroes, fresh-made pastas and a variety of Italian specialty items. They also have bagels, shipped in from H&H in New York City. There is nowhere to sit in the market, but there are tables set up outside.

Slices are NY Style, which is refreshing for the DC area. However, at $3 per, The Italian Store is more expensive than most NYC spots, though their slices are no better than average and wouldn’t stand out if it was served in New York. The pizza is gooey and cheesy, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but in this case there was too much oil going on and the crust gets too soggy and flops over. The sauce was light and didn’t add nearly enough. The cheese is the best part of the slice, slightly tangy and savory, but it is not enough to make this a great slice of pizza.

For anyone who lives nearby, The Italian Store is likely a staple. The store gets packed, but there is a separate line for ordering pizza.

PizzaSnobo Pizza Restaurant Review Grading 3.5 slices

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