Stromboli Pizzeria – New York, NY

by PizzaSnobo on November 16, 2010

112 University Pl
New York, NY 10003
(212) 255-0812

Small, bright and recently spruced up, Stromboli serves some of the better slices around. Located right next to BowlMor lanes on University Place, there was a time when Stromboli was a great alternative if you couldn’t get to St. Marks pizza (which closed years ago but the PizzaSnobo would have rated it six slices had it been around today). Stromboli has never been that good, and unfortunately they’ve gone a little downhill over the last decade.

The thickness of the dough and the amount of sauce on a Stromboli slice ($2.75) has decreased over the years, but it remains very satisfying pizza. There is both a crispiness to the crust as well as a soft, chewy texture. The cheese-to-sauce ratio is solid, though a little more of each would better remind us of the St Marks days. The specialty pies are not always as fresh as we’d like, but maybe with praise from the PizzaSnobo more people will stop by. It’s also worth noting that Stromboli makes a pretty good chicken parmesan hero, a dish that almost no pizza place in the area – aside from Marriella’s – gets right. Just ask for extra sauce, which we recommend whenever you order chicken parm.

Stromboli was recently sold, however the recipes haven’t changed. One new addition is a whole wheat pizza, which is also plenty good.

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