Spunto Thin Crust Pizza – New York, NY

by PizzaSnobo on February 4, 2011

65 Carmine Street
New York, NY 10014
Phone: 212-242-1200

This Carmine Street newcomer has tough local competition with heavyweight neighbors like Joe’s, John’s, Keste and the new Pizza Roma, which we’ll be getting to soon enough. But there must be something in the water in this West Village enclave of pizza heaven because Spunto more than holds its own.

With awesome ultra-thin crust that doesn’t fall apart or crumble under the weight of toppings, the Classica personal pie ($10) feels like a bargain. The sauce is not too sweet and there are a pleasant blend of cheeses. Along with the personal pies, Spunto also serves basic slices, which resembles a “Joe’s light” experience (and Joe’s is a pretty light slice to begin with). But Spunto is more of a sit-down restaurant than slice factory. The absence of grease or over-cheesing almost fools you into thinking it’s actually healthy.

The salads are great as well – try the endive. We might also be addicted to the scrumptious Spaghetti-O-style meatballs. They should probably be cut into semi-spheres to keep them from rolling off the pizza, but it won’t stop us from coming back for more more more!

Department of Health Restaurant rating A

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