Soho Pizza – Philadelphia, PA

by PizzaSnobo on December 17, 2010

218 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Old City Philadelphia is a pretty happening part of town, with lots of bars, restaurants and hotels. Located near the river on Market Street is Soho Pizza, which is popular with locals and does a steady delivery business. It’s not as good as Gianfranco up the street, but Soho delivers a solid slice of pizza.

The slices at Soho ($2.50) are thin and crispy. The cheese was well applied and nicely baked, but the pizza was also too oily. The crust was a little salty and left an aftertaste that reminded us we were not in New York. The sauce kept everything moist, but they should keep playing with the recipe as the current version doesn’t stand out the way it should.

The restaurant looks like a bar, but unfortunately Soho doesn’t serve beer. What a hit it would be if they did.

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Al c October 1, 2011 at 8:40 pm

This place is awful. I strongly encourage you NOT to go here.  The pizza is overpriced and not good at all.  I have never been to a late night dump of a pizza place with so many rules. The staff is obnoxious and show no respect for their guests.  It takes forever to get your food.  The three “bouncers” are completely unprofessional and the way they carry themselves is ridiculous.  Why does a pizza place have three bouncers anyway?  Watch out as they are quick to put their hands on patrons without cause.  I have never in my life been thrown out of a bar or restaurant, yet I was forced to leave this pizza place without warning and for no reason at all.  These guys are a joke.  You are making a complete mistake to let this “restaurant” steal your money. Take your business elsewhere! 


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