Slice – Philadelphia, PA

by PizzaSnobo on September 15, 2011

1740 Sansom Street, 215-557-9299
1180 S. 10th Street, 215-463-0868

Slice has two locations in Philadelphia, one in the Italian Market and another in the Rittenhouse neighborhood on Sansom Street near 18th Street. We went to the Rittenhouse spot. It’s a small restaurant that uses actual dishes rather than paper plates. It’s gourmet-ish. They use fresh toppings and pay attention to the other ingredients, but it’s still closer to a regular slice joint, versus a pizza bistro like Stella.

Slices at Slice ($2.50) are on the scrawny side. One slice will not be enough for most people. The crust is thin, but not very crispy, except for the outer edges. We also found our mouth was tired from chewing, making this little slice tougher than it should be. There was a light layer of cheese, which was fine, but once again won’t satisfy everyone. The sauce was the best part. We especially liked the chunks of sweet tomatoes throughout. Toppings like the pepperoni were also very good.

Slice wants to be something special and they come close, but didn’t quite make it to the level we had hoped.

PizzaSnobo Pizza Review Grade 4 Slices

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