Sbarro – multiple locations

by PizzaSnobo on October 19, 2010

Multiple Locations

Sbarro, the “#1 quick service Italian restaurant” is indeed the Burger King of pizzerias. Located in airports, highway rest stops and malls across the country, this is a place to go when you are desperate.

If there was a category for biggest rip-off slice, Sbarro would be the winner. At $3.80 for a single slice in New York City, Sbarro costs more than a dollar the average. The extra cost is certainly not for extra quality, or quantity. While the cheese was suitably melted, it also screams of processed food and the pizza was pooled in oil. The sauce wasn’t terrible, but there wasn’t much of it either and the crunch from the tasteless crust came from being too overcooked.

Perhaps Sbarro’s biggest – and least green – contribution to the world of pizza is their triangular boxes that make it easy to tote their funny shaped slices.

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