Sal & Carmine’s Pizza – New York, NY

by PizzaSnobo on October 31, 2010

2671 Broadway
New York, NY 10025
(212) 663-7651

Sal & Carmine’s is known, especially on the Upper West Side as having some of the best pizza on the planet. Trouble is, the Upper West Side hasn’t historically been known for having the greatest food around. Maybe the locals like coming for the grumpy service. It seems to be a prerequisite to work here. Still, while the pizza is not the greatest, it is plenty good.

We recommend to all the delis with pizza ovens these days to take notes here. Sal & Carmine’s is a classic slice ($3) with a crispy, textured crust which is also nice and chewy. The top of the pizza can be a little greasy and in need of a dab with a napkin for you calorie counters. There is a light layer of toasted cheese and only a minimal amount of sauce to get by. But be sure to take your blood pressure medication in advance as the pizza is very salty. They don’t bother to offer delivery service, and considering how quiet Sal & Carmine’s was the last Saturday evening we were there, they should be thinking about it.

Sal & Carmine’s is a solid eat and run place that would be great to have on every corner. Fans of Joe’s will feel happy here.

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