Roberta’s – Brooklyn, NY

by PizzaSnobo on February 9, 2011

261 Moore Street
Brooklyn NY 11206-3816
(718) 417-1118

Roberta’s Bushwick location might be a little out of the way for many, and the industrial surroundings might make you wonder if you are in the right place, but the moment you step through the door you will be in pizza nirvana.

Roberta’s makes some of the best pizza around. And at $9 for the personal Margherita, it’s still cheaper than many of its Manhattan competitors, even after you add the round trip subway fare. The dough was our favorite part; puffy and chewy but also light and crunchy. And we loved the char. We’re also fans of the stringy cheese, which was fully melted. Something not every purveyor of bufala can say. The sauce was nice and had a natural sweetness to it, though it could have used a little more ladled on. Along with the personal pies, Roberta’s also offers jumbo sizes, as well as “working man” slices. Plus there are fun toppings like guacamole, egg, pork sausage and jalapenos.

There is also free WiFi and the staff is friendly and not surprisingly, very cool.

Department of Health Restaurant rating A

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