L’asso – New York, NY

by PizzaSnobo on October 14, 2010

192 Mott Street
New York, NY 10012

Mott Street is no longer all about Chinese food. Along a two block stretch in Nolita, you will find not only the popular L’asso, but the world famous Lombardi’s as well as the relatively new and delicious Emporio. Lasso is hopping in the evenings as crowds of locals nearly sit on top of each other in what is a high energy atmosphere. It is a place full of hipsters and it seems as if the beautiful people all know each other. To avoid the crowds, go during lunch when the prices for margherita pies drop by $4.

While there is no doubting the popularity and fine ingredients L’asso uses, the pizza is not as good as many of the other upscale D.O.C. style restaurants that have popped up in New York City over the last few years. Pies are $12 for the regular 12 inch margherita (and $16 if you want to upgrade to bufala di mozzarella). Additional sizes are available at 21 and 29 inches for oblong pies. Though it was certainly fresh, unfortunately the cheese used on the regular pie was too gummy and the dough, while tasty enough, was very soft and a bit floppy. The sauce is mild and sweet and they pour an awful lot of it on – something the PizzaSnobo is a fan of – but there was no “oh my god” aspect to its flavor. Conversely, the bufala pie did not have nearly enough sauce. A happy and consistent medium is the way to go.

There are plenty of specialty pies offered, so we suggest you find one of those. That way, when you keep coming back you can say you have a personal favorite. L’asso is also one of the few upscale pizza restaurants that offer slices in addition to the pies.

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