Francesco’s Restaurant – Brooklyn, NY

by PizzaSnobo on September 23, 2011

531 Henry Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231-3038
(718) 834-0863 ‎

When Lucali is closed and you must have some pizza, Francesca’s is probably the nearest choice. A comfortable local pizzeria Henry Street in Brooklyn, the slices here are a little better than average for Brooklyn. But average in Brooklyn is better than pretty much the rest of the world.

Plain slices ($2.50) are the same price as Fascati, a more popular spot a mile down the road, but where the pizza at Fascati’s is thin and tart, these are thicker, sweeter slices. There is an ample amount of cheese and the crust has a nice chewiness to it. The sauce could use work, but all-in-all this joint shouldn’t go anywhere.

Francesca’s is worth ordering in or stopping by. If we lived in the neighborhood we’d probably have tried everything on the menu.

Department of Health Restaurant Grade Guideline

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