Fort Lee Pizzeria & Italian Food – Fort Lee, NJ

by PizzaSnobo on October 31, 2010

2469 Lemoine Ave
Fort Lee, NJ 07024
(201) 947-2420

Everybody loves to make fun of Jersey, or West NYC, but when it comes to good pizza, it is hard to say anything bad about it. At Fort Lee Pizzeria just north of the George Washington Bridge, not much has changed since it first opened in 1973. Aside from the granite counter and the new awning outside, the place is as run down as it was 30 years ago. And many locals wish Rick, the 50ish year old son of the owners, would let someone else run the place.

Take a bite of the pizza ($1.75) served on an aluminum plate and you will quickly overlook Rick’s rudeness, the ancient yellow formica tables and faux wood paneling. The crust is perfectly crisp and cracks just enough on fold. The crust is thin and sometimes can’t support the weight of the cheese & sauce. There is the right balance of cheese-to-sauce ratio and the taste is great. The pizza tends to be oily and drips out the back, but it’s the benchmark of the sort of really good pizza that used to be much easier to find.

Fort Lee Pizzeria is an unsung hero when it comes to a casual, every day pizzeria experience.

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