Flatbread – Multiple Locations

by PizzaSnobo on June 3, 2011

Multiple Locations


Not to be confused with American Flatbread, this small chain is located throughout New England and also in the artsy, hippie and surfer town, Paia, on Maui. The Hawaii location seems like the perfect match for this all-natural, locally sourced ingredients pizza place. Keeping with the PizzaSnobo tradition, we tried the cheese and sauce pie; also know as Jay’s Heart ($12.75 for the 12-inch small).

The pie is cut into square slices, just like American Flatbread but we liked what we tasted here “mo bettah.” The “flat bread” is baked in a beautiful, kiawe wood fired clay oven. Kiawe is a great cooking wood in Hawaii that burns slowly and hot like charcoal. The crust is thin, butFlatbread we’d prefer that is was a little crispier and less gritty. There was not enough of the fresh, Maui grown tomato sauce and what was there was a bit on the peppery side. The cheese was fair and we definitely tasted the oregano sprinkled on top.

Worth the stop to carb up for those doing the road to Hana, or anywhere else where Flatbread happens to be.


Department of Health Restaurant Grade Guideline

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