Fascati Pizzeria – Brooklyn, NY

by PizzaSnobo on July 21, 2011

80 Henry Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201-1712
(718) 237-1278

Many locals who live near Grimaldi’s eat their pizza at Fascati. Located along a busy part of Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights, Fascati is a small but popular pizzeria that is usually crowded with locals and shoppers looking for a quick slice.

The slices ($2.50) are of the thin crust variety. The crunchy texture is a big reason why this place is so popular. The tart sauce, and plenty of it, doesn’t hurt either. The cheese is nothing fancy, but it’s better than most of Fascati’s standard NY Style competitors. Detractors might say the crust can sometimes be dry and the top too greasy, but these thin, light slices are the kind that helped make pizza famous all over the world.

We recommend eating in, as Fascati’s delivered product hasn’t always been as pleasing as one might expect.

Department of Health Restaurant rating A

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