Famous Ray’s of Greenwich Village – New York, NY – CLOSED

by PizzaSnobo on October 18, 2010

465 6th Avenue
New York, NY  10011

This is not the first Rays’ to appear in New York City. That distinction belongs to the Ray’s on Prince Street. But Ray’s on 11th Street is the one most people think about when they think of Ray’s. This is the pizza known for mammoth, cheesy slices. The Ray’s that fraternities still make their pledges drive to for hours to pick up a few pies. Nowadays, Ray’s can be dingy and depressing at times, and while the pizza might not be quite what it used to be, it should still rank as required eating on any Manhattan pizza tour.

Famous Ray’s, AKA Rays of Greenwich Village is definitely for cheese lovers. Slices are very thick and this pizza isn’t necessarily for everyone. One slice makes a meal and for just $2.75, this Ray’s is one of the better pizza deals around. While the cheese is not gourmet, the mozzarella is soft and piled on high, not just on plain slices but added as an extra layer to many of their other pies as well. As for the sauce, there’s not quite enough of it in relation to the cheese, but after all these years we still like the recipe.

Order in a pie, then kick back and watch a movie. Very comforting indeed.

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