Famous Original Ray’s Pizza – New York, NY

by PizzaSnobo on October 24, 2010

Multiple locations

There are all sorts of Ray’s out there, but the Ray’s pizza wars seem so 1980’s, so it’s not something the PizzaSnobo bothers with anymore. There is the single Ray’s establishment on Prince that has the honor of being the oldest in New York. There’s also Ray’s on Sixth Avenue and 11th Street that probably started the boom in the first place. As for Famous Original Ray’s, currently there are eight locations, none of which are special.

The pizza ($2.56 – we are always dubious of pizzerias with odd pricing) at Famous Original Ray’s is of the bigger, thicker style. There is plenty of canned, flavorless sauce and lots of cheese that doesn’t always want to melt all the way through. The dough is light with just a little crunch and reminds us of white bread. It’s mass produced pizza, though on a far tastier scale than, say a place like Sbarro’s.

All told, Ray’s comes together as decent slice of pizza, which is probably better than most places around the country.

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