Famous Famiglia Pizzeria – multiple locations

by PizzaSnobo on October 18, 2010

Multiple locations

Like Sbarro’s, Famiglia seems to have expanded across malls and airports around the country. It’s fast food, NY style pizza and while it’s a preferable choice over something like Burger King, Famiglia is more for late night eating or when you have few other choices.

Slices ($2.75) have a bit of a frozen pizza texture to them. Slices also bend like frozen pizza. The crust is fairly crispy, but the sauce and cheese don’t stand out in any way. It’s a boring pizza overall. The crust is also thin at the edges, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but in Famiglia’s case, it only served to remind us once more how the pizza seems massed produced and boxed in the grocer’s freezer.

All the basics are here, but the pizza is only average.

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