Di Fara Pizza – Brooklyn, NY

by PizzaSnobo on October 24, 2010

1424 Avenue J
Brooklyn, NY 11230

When you walk into Di Fara, you walk into another era. Nobody matches the technique and love that meticulous owner Domenico De Marco puts into each pie he slides into the oven. It is fun to go back in time and watch Dom make his pies for a little while, but then you realize the hour and you are still waiting for your slice.

The cheese is plentiful and delicious and reminds us of Artichoke Basilles. The process includes large, freshly sliced pieces of mozzarella followed by shredded parmesan sprinkled on top and baked into the pie. Fresh basil is cut above the pie with a pair of scissors after coming out of the oven, which is a nice final touch. The traditional crust is crispy and borders on the thick side, though it can get a little soggy from all the olive oil. The rich red sauce with chunks of tomatoes is a little sweet and not the best we ever had. While Di Fara does not rest on its laurels and all the ingredients are fresh and of good quality, the slices are not very big, so at $5 per (or $25 a pie) you are paying at least an extra dollar just to say you had the Di Fara brand.

Like many things in this world, Di Fara is not necessarily worth the trip to the outer boroughs, but they do try harder than most and the result is some very good pizza.


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