Conca D’Oro – Sag Harbor, NY

by PizzaSnobo on October 24, 2010

103 Main Street
Sag Harbor, NY 11963

Like other pizza places in the Hamptons, such as Astro’s, Conca is part traditional pizzeria and part restaurant. The first time we came here was a Monday in August and it was closed. Now PizzaSnobo knows that many restaurants (like beauty salons) choose Monday as their day off. But August in a beach town? Although half the menu needs to be ordered through a server, overall Cona D’Oro is basically a NY Style slice pizzeria, so we found it a little odd that they’d be closed on Mondays in the summertime.

Slices ($2.50) are slightly better than average across the board. They have good heft and they are not oily. The dough is soft with a nice texture, but doesn’t have much flavor. Perhaps that’s due to Sag Harbor’s distance from the New York City water supply, though the PizzaSnobo doesn’t really buy that reasoning. The cheese is fine. So is the sauce, though the slices could use a lot more of it. (We lifted the layer of cheese, then ran our finger along the bread and came up dry.) There are minimal extra spices to improve any of the elements. It is the texture that brings this pizza together as something better than the sum of its parts.

The Sicilian slices are better than the plain, especially if you like the soft and chewy variety. But if you want an even better Sicilian slice, go up the block to Vincenzo’s.

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