Café Amore Pizza Restaurant – New York, NY

by PizzaSnobo on February 14, 2011

Multiple Locations

They don’t make it easy at Café Amore, starting with the fact that they have a different URL for each restaurant, which are all controlled by a single entity. If you are near Union Square, Chambers Street, or are on Sixth Avenue and Third, you’ll find this mini-chain.

Slices ($2.50) are hefty in size, not too different from pizza at a Ray’s chain, though Amore more thin and crispy. The cheese leans to the inferior side but there is plenty of it. The sauce was also a disappointment, and there was very little applied. The pizza is also too oily. In each category Amore fell short. But we can’t help but think that a few tweaks here and there and they’ll bring their game up to a Mariella’s level.

If you’re looking for quantity, you might do all right here, but we plan to keep on hunting.

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