Brick Oven Pizza 33 – multiple locations, NYC

by PizzaSnobo on April 8, 2011

Multiple locations

Brick Oven 33, located on the corner of 33rd street and 3rd is a family friendly pizzeria that seats about 25 patrons.  There are now four 33 locations throughout the city. While many are fond of this pizzeria, with the opening of the 6th Avenue and 14th Street location, 33 unfortunately seems to have overextended. But more on this later.

As the name suggests, a brick oven is used in the production of this better than average pizza, providing a crispy but otherwise rather bland crust.  The sauce seems sweet at first but ultimately finishes with a neutral to slightly savory taste.  The decent quality cheese is applied liberally though does not interfere with the overall balance of the pizza. The thin crust can get too floppy and while 33 isn’t all that different from a hundred other places, the kids tend to love it.

Recently, we tried out the W14th Street location and were hugely disappointed, dragging what would have been a “5 Slice – Very Good” rating for the chain down to 4, which is still good enough to be the kind of slice that made pizza famous. It should also be noted that Pizza 33’s popular E33rd Street location just got creamed – or is it cootied – in their recent Department of Health Inspection. So don’t expect the PizzaSnobo to eat there any time soon.

PizzaSnobo Pizza Review Grade 4 Slices

Department of Health Rating: C (East 33rd Street location)


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