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by PizzaSnobo on April 18, 2011

multiple locations

With six locations throughout Manhattan, you can do much worse than these hole-in-the-wall joints. At least Bravo focuses on pizza, which is much better than if they were a deli who tossed a pizza section in the back.

Our slice ($2.75) was served on a piece of tin foil, which worried us at first, especially since the cheese stuck to the foil. Yet overall, the pizza was not too offensive. There wasn’t much cheese, unlike mini-chain competitor Amore, and there was plenty of sweet pureed sauce. The pizza at Bravo was too oily, but the slices are of the thinner, crispier variety.

Bravo’s Union Square location boasts a deep dish artichoke slice, no doubt to throw up some semblance of competition to the loved Artichoke Basilles. In the end, Bravo is your average pizzeria that does the trick if you want to grab a slice on the run.


PizzaSnobo Pizza Restaurant Review Grading 3.5 slices


Department of Heath Rating: A & B



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