Gray’s Papaya – New York, NY

by PizzaSnobo on May 3, 2011

multiple locations: Greenwich Village, Upper West Side, Garment District

Say it ain’t so. Pizza at Gray’s Papaya? Really? What about the sign that says “strictly gourmet hot dog”? Gray’s has been around for years, gaining fans, serving late night junk food and spending extra to make giant “Vote For Obama” signs. But jumping on the $1 pizza bandwagon?

These are sad looking slices. The cracker-like crust didn’t want to budge when we tried folding it. The sauce is thankfully not too sweet, but it’s not good either. The cheese is the best part, which isn’t saying much. Thankfully they add only a minimal amount. Overall, the pizza at Gray’s Papaya came together as something awful.

PizzSnobo wishes all slices were $1 – the world would be a better place – but not if our only choice are places like Gray’s, the Pizza Truck and 2 Bros.


Department of Health rating: A & B


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