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by PizzaSnobo on October 6, 2010

Each PizzaSnobo review includes a grade showing a restaurant’s most recent evaluation from the local Department of Health office.

Department of Health reports are operated by local counties and cities and are not always done in the same manner. The best kinds are based on both a numerical system that is also accompanied by an A/B/C letter grade. For some locations, this is easy to find online and quite straightforward. But not every city, county or country readily provides this information. Therefore, anything we do not find, or consider too old to be relevant will receive N/A for Not Applicable.

When PizzaSnobo feels like we have enough information, we will also give “pluses” and “minuses” based on the overall Department of Health reports. After all, if a “B” rated restaurant was one point away from a “C” wouldn’t you like to know before going inside?

Take New York City as an example. The Dept of Health ratings look like this:
A = 0-13 violation points
B = 14-27 violation points
C = 28 or more violation points

PizzaSnobo is adjusting these grades for our readers:
A+ = 0-2 violation points
A = 3-11 violation points
A- = 12-13 violation points
B+ = 14-16 violation points
B = 17-24 violation points
B- =25-27 violation points
C = 28 or more violation points (if a restaurant gets a “C” you don’t want to go there)

As of summer 2010, New York City, following the lead of other parts of the country, has made it mandatory for restaurants to post their A/B/C rank in their windows. However, as of January 2011, only a small percentage of New York restaurants have posted their grades. This is because restaurants are waiting for their next inspection, or they have been given a grace period by the Health Department to literally clean up their acts. Historically, very few restaurants reached “A” status in New York. Now that public exposure is mandatory, we’ll soon be seeing blue “A”s posted in windows all over the city.

The grade posted at the bottom of each PizzaSnobo review is based on whatever that restaurant’s most recent Dept of Health report showed. We will go back online regularly to update these rankings, but feel free to look for yourself as well.

The more this public information can be made public, the better it is for everyone.

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