Rustica – Philadelphia, PA

by PizzaSnobo on May 13, 2011

903 N. 2nd St.
Philadelphia, PA 19123

Located in the hip Northern Liberties hood, right next to North Bowl, Rustica is a small local spot that is great for pizza and people watching. While no longer affiliated with Gianfranco Pizza Rustica, the guys here have done a nice job keeping up the quality, and coming up with some fun toppings of their own.

A good price for what you get, Rustica slices ($2.10) are very saucy – maybe it’s from all those years eating at Tacconelli’s. The sauce has a fresh tomato flavor, so the more better. The cheese is a little higher quality than your average slice joint and spread in a thin layer across the top. The crust is light and crispy with a hint of cornmeal. Specialty toppings like broccoli rabe, chicken with chipotle sauce, roasted brussel sprouts and steak keep people coming back.

The core slices here are still a lot like Gianfranco Rustica, and while that’s a good thing, Rustica knows that there is always more to do.

Department of Health Restaurant Grade Guideline


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