Welcome to PizzaSnobo – the place for pizza reviews.

At PizzaSnobo, we review pizza from all over the place.  Reviews are kept short, so whether you are traveling or live nearby, you can quickly get the information you need.

PizzaSnobo is based in New York City – the pizza capital of the United States and arguably the world – but we review pizzas from wherever our travels take us. All our reviewers have either grown up in New York, or have lived here for a long time. So no matter where we live now or where we review from, you can be confident that we know what makes really great pizza.

We’re hard to please, but we’re snobos, not snobs. To us, it’s possible for a slice to taste better than an expensive pie created by a chef from Naples. It means we’ll even review frozen pizzas. Everything will come down to taste.

PizzaSnobo is looking for contributors to help us expand. If you are interested in being a PizzaSnobo reviewer, start by sending us an introduction email to reviews@pizzasnobo.com.

Here’s a quick overview of the ratings system:

Thanks and happy eating!

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